The Future of Internet Advertising

Warc-Global-Ad-Spend-Growth-by-Medium-in-2014-Jan2014Web experts have been predicting the end of traditional banner advertising for years, nothing dwindling click-through rates. They have several different ideas of what will replace it as the dominant means of advertising. Pop-up ads, advertisiments that appear in their own, small browser window, have been growing in popularity. Many web users find them extremely annoying because you have to close each browser window, and if there are enough of them, they can overload some browsers’ capacity. Some internet research shows that text links are more effective than banner ads. This is probably because so many Web users are automatocally aware of banner ads and so can easily ignore them while text links are less obvious-they appear to be a part of the site’s content.


Indeed, people have become so used to seeing ads on Web pages that they tend to focus only on the relative content they’re looking for, says Andrew Gordon, president of Direct Impact Group, a direct marketing  firm that specializes in B2C lead generation. Even if they see the ads in their peripheral vision, they ignore them-a concept widely known as “banner blindness”bannerblind

But advertisers have also found some success with interstitial ads.  Like Pop-up ads, these ads appear in their own browser window. When a visitor clicks on a link, the interstitial ad appears before the browser brings up the linking page. Most interstitial ads close automatically, so they are less annoying than pop-up ads, but they briefly fill the user’s screen, so they definitely make an impression. interstitial-ad-2

For all that banners still have a place in marketing and be effective “brand awareness mechanisms” for “low consideration items” where people don’t have tight brand loyality. This is why there has been lot of technical innovation in display ads to make banners more efficient from a customization, delivery, or cost perspective. brand-recognition-presentation-sean-mc-coy-hklm-20100722-3-728

Brands should try everything and find what works for their businesses. Advertising is a really funny thing…as an advertiser or marketer, you have to put your money into what’s getting you results right now.

If you keep an eye on internet news, you will continually see stories on the death of the banner ad, as well as stories about upturns in banner ad success. Banner ads will most likely be around for some time, but it’s a good bet they will take new, interesting forms. As we’ve all read in recent yers, the Internet is in it’s infancy, and webmasters have only begun to tap its potential. The same can certainly be said for Internet advertisers, and since advertising is the main source of revenue the keeps Web sites going, you can be sure it will continue to evolve at an accelerated rate. 151102.bannerad

So,display ads are an integral part of the content on Web pages. The data and technology have become so much more sophisticated, allowing advertisers to target consumers in a more effective way.







Your first steps in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing on the Internet and Other Media

When are you going to found your own business do you give higher priority to buildup a digital marketing technique? We can speak about it over extended intervals but not finding the optimal solution in this question. Therefore, many organizations still don’t have a business-strategy. If you are not lazy and you have some possibility, please, make your personal monitoring about how does different organizations use it’s own online-marketing rate. I’m sure, you’ll be shocked of the result. Most of them don’t have an online marketing plan. In 2014 we make a special marketing monitoring for our bright-marketing report. Our findings  we showed in percentage terms:

Does your organisation keep to a crearly defined online marketing strategy?


29%-Yes, we have a clearly defined online marketing strategy and it’s integrated into our marketing strategy

11%-Yes, we have, but it’s marked in a special particle

60%-Of course, we use digital marketing techniques, but we have no a clearly defined strategy.

Incredibly, we have already got the first expectable customer base o those who don’t still have a digital strategy. Nice to meet you, if you are one of these companies!

Why do you need to have a clearly defined online marketing strategy? images (1)

  1. With a healthy competition. You may to realize the relationship with your competitors. It will gain market share to your business. Do you occupy not enough time to digital marketing? Or may be you  use a template in your online marketing strategy!? If your answer is “yes,i do” -my congratulations, you have no clearly defined marketing rate for your business. So, your competitors will grab your digital product.
  2. You are not being governed by your online market space. It’s nessesarily to make a regular supervision of the customer demands. May be more importantly you won’t understand your online marketplace: competitors, propositions and options for marketing communications.
  3. Your business needs the clear strategic goals. I know a lot of companies who don’t have a clear rate for what they want to acquit for engaging new customers or making reliable relationships with fixed ones. And if you don’t have the conforming strategy rate you likely don’t put enough tools to find  the goals and you don’t apraise logically whether you are reach out for those  goals.
  4. You don’t have an online favourable offer. An obvious online favourable offer will help you separate your online service promoting fixed and new customers to join your offer initially and be credible.
  5. You don’t use the forms of website user feedback tools. You must do it to identify your weak points and then adress to Google Analytics and similar. The online marketing is the “most measureable medium ever”.
  6. Your digital media field doesn’t have integrating with traditional media and reverse branches. Any digital marketing unit needs to be completed in the images (5)organic whole whether that’s a specialist digital marketer, siting on IT or separate specific agency. This useable way consist of packaging online marketing into a convenient unit. 
  7. Your business will be in difficulties with a budget given its importance. The disposition of funds will be allocate to both units and inoculation online marketing and there is likely to be a shortfall of specific specialist online marketing skills which will make it difficult to respond to the competitive threats effectively.
  8. You are haveless enough to lead-trial new approaches to gain or keep your online audiences like it was trialed by Amazon, Dell, Google etc.
  9. Your activity is not optimising. Many leading managers don’t give security that their company  have the time to review and act on analytics. Hereafter your online strategy empowers you to model the basics insight, then you can progress to continuous development of the dominant positions like search marketing, email and social media marketing, site user experience. So that’s our top 9 problems that can be guarded with a clearly defined marketing strategy.

And now, i’m proposing you to make acquainted with the approaches for evolution a digital strategy.

I prepared two simple alternatives for making a clearly defined rate:

  1. Structured marketing plan defining needed reformation and making cleared conditions for investment.                         
  2. Full digital marketing plan is a part of marketing plan. Digital marketing images (2)becomes a part of business as usual. images (4)
  3. No-specific digital channel plan.

So, what galvanize us into action!? It seems to me that we must follow by the human factors dominating in the online marketing field:

Infusing digital marketing without a strategy is still “fashionable”. Most of the companies  in this field use digital media efficiently they could certainly be getting great results from their search, social media and email marketing. But, at once, they are lacking capacities or they are bearing losses from the other challenges I have listed below. Maybe the problems below are more topical for the corporates giants who are being in need of managenent. The strategy in a smaller company less needs marketing efforts.

Many  leading corporations don’t use a strategic approach to digital. I found the solution for the online marketing strategy: first, a structured digital plan is created. This is very suitable to show the opportunities and problems and map out through setting goals and specific strategies for your online marketing including how you joined digital marketing into other business units. Second, digital becomes to join into marketing strategy, it’s a core activity,” business- as- usual”, but doesn’t warrant separate planning, except for the tactics.

So, as we know, today  increasingly more companies getting started in digital marketing. Many of these digital marketers are hiring what is allowing this race as one of the more incredible for being so changeable, interesting and great long-term prospects. Online industry is growing and so is the competition. It’s very important to have well optimazed website and Digital Marketing agency which can take care of your brand online. So, choose agency which provides you all solution under one roof.

P.S: If you’ll keep to your strategy-. it will be a boost of your brand. 

Best regards, Taras.